By Comfort at London Dentures we refer to the following:

Flexible Schedule

By being open 6 days a week virtually morning till evening we can accomodate anyone's schedule.  In addition should you experience any pain or discomfort at London Dentures you can be seen right away. 

Wheelchair Accessible

The design of this new facility was made keeping in mind of patients who might need special considerations.  London Dentures is located on the ground level, there are no steps and a wide sidewalk will lead from the parking lot to the doors.  The dissability parking spot is close to the door.  The practice has wide halls and entry to the treatment rooms to make it easy to navigate any wheelchair.  London Dentures offers probably the most comfortable dental chairs as well.  

Digital Panoramic X-rays - ideal for gagging reflex

The digital x-rays used at London Dentures use 93% less radiation as compared to the traditional x-rays.  The panoramic x-ray will allow to take a photo of the mouth without being too invasive in patients' mouth.  Ideal for people with gagging reflex.    

Adjustments and repairs done same day

The idea is to minimize the amount of time the patient would have to go and see their denturist.  By choosing London Dentures you will need less trips to get the work finished.  Adjustments and repairs can be done the same day decreasing the amount of appointments needed. 

Spa-like atmosphere

Patients comment how London Dentures is not a traditional denturist office.  At this west London denture clinic you have masage in teh xchair, hot towels and paraffin wax for your hands to enjoy while watching your favorite show on TV.  All these amenities at no additional cost.  It is our way to say thank you for choosing us for your dental health.  

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