First Visit/Tour

At London Dentures we believe that by creating a different type of experience.  An experience that is most welcoming, pleasant, non-invasive where the patients have the opportunity to learn about dentistry before getting into the dental chair will erase the negative connotations associated with the visit to the dentist. 

Practice Tour - Dentist in London

Since London Dentures is part of Riverpark Dental, the denture patients can enjoy the same amenities as regular patients.  The objective is to provide a practice that will provide the best overall experience for the patient, while still keeping the fees at the same level as other dentists.  

The fear and dislike of dentists inspired Dr. Martinez to create a place that did not look or feel like a denturist office or a dental practice, where people feel relaxed and enjoy visiting.  So far it has been working (see testimonials)

No-Cost Initial Consultation

When you walk in you will be greeted by a Patient Care Specialist who will help you relax and enjoy your stay.  This person will be happy to give you a tour of your practice. 

You will meet the dentist who will discuss your oral health goals and concerns.  We have 3 general dentists with expertise in dentures.  The purpose of this conversation is to find out your goals, needs and concerns.  While dentures is an option a lot of people are familiar with, there are many other options to save and replace your teeth.  The purpose of this consultation is for you to get a feel of this dental practice and London Dentures, the people and decide whether you like to stay with us.  

Treatment Planning

Our Treatment Education Centre is designated specifically for that purpose.  Once we understand your unique situation we will work with you to determine an action plan that fits your goals and constraints.  Through videos, computer animations and other hands-on tools you will understand exactly what is being done and feel confident to co-design your dental treatment.  We are never tired of your questions.

No Need to Transfer Your Records

The dental/denture diagnostic at London Dentures is done using top of the line digital technology.  As such there is no need for you to ask your former dentist for your records. 

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