Free Consultations

Our open-door policy entitles everyone to a free consultation with one of the dentists where you can learn about treatment options, fees and have general questions answered.  Consult2.jpg

How much will it Cost?

If you need specific costs for your treatment a dental/denture full diagnostic must be conducted.  The results of the exam are presented to you along with digital x-rays, videos and computer animations. 

Patients have commented how our fees are lower than what they are used to.   What we think makes the difference, is how our dental lab manager, the dentist and your Patient Care Specialist help you prioritize your treatment according to your needs, goals, dental coverage and financial situation.  For larger procedures you will also be given a copy of the presentation to take home in case you would like to seek a second opinion or take more time to make your decision.  There is never any pressure.

Payment Terms

You will be asked to pay the fee at the time of service.  We will submit your claim to the benefit provider electronically and you will get reimbursed as quickly as within a few days.  Since you already know what you are covered for, there should be no surprises.  Payments may be made with cash, debit, bank draft, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  If you have any questions regarding your bill, your Patient Care Specialist will sit with you in a private area and go over it in detail.   

London Dentures Will Help You Finance your Treatment

London Dentures offers several generous financing plans to finance your denture and dental needs.  This includes extending your payment over up to 5 years and interest-free financing OAC.     



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